What is Black Mould?

What is black mould?

What does it look like? 

Black Mould is a fungus. It’s usually black or dark green. They are made up of threadlike fibres that spread in clusters. 

Black Mould

Where does it grow? 

Black mould thrives on moisture, so it’s usually found in damp spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and basements. It can grow across all types of surface – walls, ceilings, tiles and window frames. 

Does it smell? 

Yes, it has a musty odour, think old damp towels! 

Can I stop it getting in? 

Unfortunately not. Black mould spores are in the air around us, so can blow in through open windows or catch a lift on your clothes and shoes. Once in, it reproduces and can spread through different rooms. 

Is it bad for me? 

Yes. The most infamous black mould found in homes - Stachybotrys  chartarum – releases toxins and has been linked to breathing issues and an increase in the rate of childhood asthma. If left, black mould can also cause damage to your home and furnishings. How do I get rid of it? 

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Simple, you just need Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover and a sponge. 

Simply spray and wipe away. Go to How do I get rid of black mould  to find out more. 


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