How do I get rid of Black Mould?

How do I get rid of black mould?

What do I need?

Cillit Bang Black Mould remover of course! 

Plus, a cloth and some rubber gloves 

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Why not just use bleach? 

We knew you’d ask that! You can, but Cillit Bang has 10x more cleaning power and smells better! 

OK, what’s so good about Cillit Bang? 

  • It removes 100% of visible black mould, and dirt too – depriving our fungus friend of what it needs to grow. 

  • It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, as nobody likes them hanging around. 

  • It’s easy, no scrubbing needed. 

Where can I use it? 

Cillit Bang is designed to be gentle on surfaces, and can be used on: 

where I can use it visual

- sinks and bathtubs

- shower cubicles 

- ceilings 

- painted walls 

- tiles 

- shower curtains 

How do I use it? 

It’s as easy as: 

how do i use it visual
  1. Turn nozzle to the ON position
  2. Spray the mould and leave for 15 mins 
  3. Wipe, rinse and dry the surface 

Then switch nozzle back to OFF and store upright.  

OK, I’m going for it. Any final tips? 

As satisfying as it is to see black mould wipe away, it’s nasty stuff. So, keep it at bay with a regular clean of damp surfaces**.  

*Source ©2023 NielsenIQ data, Unit Sales OR Value Sales, Surface Care Mold & Mildew (client defined) w/e 12.08.23 (GB). To verify:  

**If the black mould in your house is very extensive or very severe, you need to seek the help of a specialist or contact your local environmental health officer to resolve the problem.