Cillit Bang 3-in-1 Drain Unblocker Kit

• Unblocks tough clogs in as little as 5 minutes
• Kit includes a tool to pierce the blockage and the 3-in-1 gel
• The gel unblocks, freshens and deep cleans

Cillit Bang 3-in-1 Drain Unblocker kit combines a drain unblocker tool to pierce the blockage and a powerful 3-in-1 gel formula to unblock tough clogs in just as little as 5 minutes. This is suitable for kitchen and bathroom drains, showers, baths & sinks.

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Usage information

Step 1​:
1. Insert tool into the plughole as far as it will go. Never force the tool into the drain. Note: some drain stoppers may need to be removed to accommodate the tool.​
2. Gently move the tool up and down to loosen clog.​
3. Carefully remove the tool as there may be clogged material attached.​
4. Immediately dispose of tool before proceeding to step 2. Do not attempt to use the tool after pouring gel down the drain, as product could splash up during tool use.​

Step 2​:
1. Open bottle carefully without squeezing and slowly pour entire contents down plughole. Do not add boiling water or any other product.​
2. Leave for 5 mins, for more extreme clogs leave overnight.​
3. Flush carefully with hot water.​
4. Do not wait for the pipes to completely clog to intervene. ​

To remove cap, press firmly on the cap while twisting. Do not use on aluminium.

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