Cillit Bang 3-in-1 Drain Unblocker Gel

• 5 minute action​
• Works in standing water​
• Safe for all pipes

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Cillit Bang 3-in-1 Drain Unblocker’s powerful formula unblocks tough clogs, freshens pipes and deep cleans in as little as 5 minutes. It is suitable for kitchen and bathroom drains, showers, baths & sinks. It is safe on all pipes and even works in standing water.

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Ingredients Information

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Usage information

1. Open bottle carefully without squeezing and slowly pour entire contents down plughole. Do not add boiling water or any other product.
2. Leave for 5 mins, for more extreme clogs leave overnight.
3. Flush carefully with hot water.
4. Do not wait for the pipes to completely clog to intervene.
To remove cap, press firmly on the cap while twisting. Do not use on aluminium

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